Fighting for Common Ground
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"Olympia Snowe has left the Senate, but thank goodness, she hasn't left the fight. After decades of leadership as a force for moderation and common sense in Washington, she now raises a banner as a private citizen in this well-argued, compelling account of what's gone wrong in politics-and what can be done. It is especially refreshing to hear the perspective of an admired, moderate Republican who has always put country first."

— David Gergen, Director of the Harvard Kennedy School's Center for Public Leadership

Catch Olympia Snowe  on these upcoming media appearances:

  • May 12: ABC This Week with George Stephanopoulos (and Web Extra interview)
  • May 13: CNN Piers Morgan Tonight
  • May 13: PBS Charlie Rose
  • May 13: NPR Morning Edition
  • May 14: MSNBC Morning Joe
  • May 15: The Daily Show with Jon Stewart
  • May 15: ABC News Radio Satellite Tour
  • May 16: ABC The View
  • May 17: MSNBC Hardball with Chris Matthews
  • May 20: PBS To The Contrary
  • May 20: Sirius XM Radio, POTUS Channel Town Hall
  • May 20: MSNBC, Andrea Mitchell Reports
  • May 21: BBC America World News America
  • May 21: NPR The Diane Rehm Show
  • May 22: WNYC The Brian Lehrer Show

And more to come!

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